Look At What Our Clients Have To Say About Us And Then Scroll Down For Our Special Offer...

Special Offer:

Save £202! Book in at 8am for your full consultation and examination, with absolutely nothing left out and you pay just £43. Appointments at all other times are £245. (Quote: 8AM37)

We've Invested In The Most Advanced Diagnostic Technology In The World So That We Can Focus On The Most Important Thing... To Care About The Person Beyond The Dis-Ease.

There's Never Been a Better Time to See If Spinal Wellness is For You:

GUARANTEE #1: You Get a Thorough, Technologically Advanced Examination and Consultation with Our Fully Qualified Experts for Just £245 (or £43 if you take advantage of our special offer). You Get a Detailed Computerised Structural Analysis, Electromyographs, Thermographs and Digital X-Rays (only if clinically necessary), Analysed Using an Advanced System Unique to the Atlas Wellness Centre in the UK.

GUARANTEE #2: We Will Pay You £100 If You Can Find a Wellness Centre In Bedfordshire Which Has More Advanced Technology Than Atlas Wellness Centre.

Why not let Atlas Wellness Centre find out what's stopping you from enjoying complete health, get the most technologically advanced diagnostic tests available, you'll be glad you did. Call 01234 340 317 NOW.  Or if you know a friend who needs help with their health we'll extend the same examination and consultation to them too.

The sooner you book, the sooner you will be on the path to better health and a fulfilling, joyful life.

We may help with:

Back pain, neck pain

Leg pain and Sciatica


Migraine headaches

Carpal Tunnel



Slipped/herniated disc



Atlas Wellness Centre | Bedford |  01234 340317

Bedford chiropractic and wellness experts

We serve people from Bedford, Cambridge, Luton, Milton Keynes Northampton, also Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire

Atlas Wellness Centre
129 Midland Road
MK40 1DN

01234 340 317  Email

Atlas Wellness Centre is the trading name of Atlas Wellness Ltd | Registered in England No: 7888686 |129 Midland Road | Bedford | MK40 1DN |

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Atlas Wellness Centre
129 Midland Road
Bedford, MK40 1DN
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