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*With Something We're Great At Fixing?

*Give Us Just 45 Minutes and We’ll Get You on the Road to…

*Easing… Then Ending Your Pain
Improving and Restoring Your Mobility
Getting Back to Enjoying Your Life
Finally Ending Your Pain and Suffering

Without Surgery and Without Reliance on

Prescription Drugs


A Message From Peter Olsson

BSc (Hons), MChiro, Dipl EEG/OAC, Cert AST

Founder – Atlas Wellness Centre

Dear Visitor:

If you have been suffering from constant pain – and you’re ready to end the pain – this will be the most important message you will ever read.

For 10 years, residents of the Midlands… and beyond… have been coming to Atlas Wellness Centre. Why?

Because they want to get back to work. They want to enjoy their favourite activities again. They want to find out what’s really wrong. And they simply want to lead a pain-free life.

People come to Atlas Wellness Centre because they’re suffering from a variety of ailments. These include back pain, neck pain, scoliosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, leg pain, sciatica, migraine headaches, stress, slipped/herniated discs, and more.

*We can also help you maintain overall wellness by focusing on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Many pregnant women also visit our centre to help with the health issues surrounding this special time of life – and ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Our State-of-the-Art Wellness Centre – So You Receive the Highest Quality Care

Located in Bedford, Atlas Wellness Centre is one of the most advanced clinics in England. We have all the latest technology to help you end your suffering – and get back to leading your life.

As the founder of Atlas Wellness Centre, I have helped several thousand people get rid of pain and enjoy healthy and vibrant lives. My staff of specialists here at Atlas Wellness Centre share the same goal.

We specialise in the treatment and care of:

Back pain and neck pain

Leg pain and sciatica


Migraine headaches

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Anxiety, stress, and depression


Slipped/herniated disc



Many of these medical issues are linked to your back – and your central nervous system. *By focusing on these areas of your body, we can usually solve the problems above – plus many other medical issues.

*Relief from your physical pain and suffering starts with the initial consultation. To book yours, phone 01234 340317 or contact us here. For a limited number of early callers, your initial consultation is just £49 normally £245… that’s a saving of £196 (Quote this code: WEB49SM1).

Our patients come to see us from Bedford, Luton, Milton Keynes, Northampton, plus Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire … and beyond.

Our Approach to Helping YOU Live Pain-Free and With Maximum Mobility

*Your body has to go through a particular plan of care in order to repair itself correctly and fully. Our programme is based on three phases.

Phase 1: Relief Care

If you are in pain when you come into our office, the first objective is to help you feel better. We will start a programme immediately to help you with the pain.

Phase 2: Corrective/Restorative Care

*During the corrective care phase, muscles and other tissues are allowed to heal more completely, thereby helping prevent injury.

Phase 3: Wellness Care

*Once your body has fully healed, we design a programme to maintain your full health to avoid problems in the future.

*This programme has helped thousands of people regain their enjoyment of life by ending their pain.

15 Reasons Patients Come to See Us… Keep Seeing Us… And Recommend Us to Their Family and Friends…

*We get results. Our approach to living pain-free and stress-free produces results. Bottom line: our patients get back to enjoying their lives.

*A proven approach to helping you live pain-free. Our focus on alternative approaches has helped thousands of local residents regain their enjoyment of life.

No surgery. No painkillers. No prescription drugs. Our approach is to guide you to wellness naturally… by focusing on your spine and central nervous system.

Get back to work! Many medical issues can keep someone away from being productive – we can help you get back to work… wherever that might be.

The latest technology. Today’s health care – like everything else – revolves around technology. We constantly invest in the latest medical technology to help our patients achieve their goals.

A friendly and welcoming approach. Atlas Wellness Centre is a family and when you walk in the doors – you’re a member of our family.

Respect and dignity. Sadly – our national health system doesn’t always care about the individual. We treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve.

Total clarity. We explain everything about your condition and your treatment. You can ask any questions at any time. We make everything totally clear at all times – so you understand your plan and goals.

Sensible fees. Yes – we charge fees because we’re not part of the NHS. This provides you with many advantages – including highly personalised care. However, the fees are sensible and explained fully to you upfront. There are no hidden charges or surprises.

 We treat a wide variety of common medical issues… plus some rare conditions. If you’re in any sort of pain, then you need to see us ASAP.

 No pressure and no contracts. You must be totally satisfied with the treatment and approach or you can leave at any time.

 A focus on your total health and wellness – for as long as you live. It’s also known as prevention. Your relationship with Atlas Wellness Centre is about finding and maintaining your best health.

 Nutritional guidance… plus a carefully-selected dietary supplements.

 Convenient location and hours. It’s easy to find us and we’re centrally located in Bedford with easy parking.

 We’re punctual. We know it can be extremely annoying to wait when you visit a medical clinic. So we make sure we stay on schedule … your schedule.

Relief from your physical pain and suffering starts with the initial consultation. To book yours, phone 01234 340317 or contact us here. For a limited number of early callers, your initial consultation is just £49, normally £245… that’s a savings of £196 (Quote this code: WEB49SM1).

Meet Just a Few of Our Patients 


“I had been diagnosed with mild scoliosis and three prolapsed discs. NHS physio and epidurals had made no impression on the pain and disability caused by these problems.

I have completed nearly a year of procedures and am delighted with the results. When I first arrived I could walk only 500 yards at a time, this month (August) I completed a double walk across Cambridge in the sunshine and could have done more. 

I am so grateful to Dr Peter and the Atlas team for working with such love and dedication, and for improving my quality of life so much.” Jacqueline B. 59.


“When I first visited the Atlas Wellness Centre I had been suffering with lower back pain for about a year. After a month of regular procedures I no longer needed a hot water bottle to soothe the pain. I feel a lot better, able to adjust to life. I would definitely tell my friends to visit Atlas.” June Q. 62.


“My daughter suggested I visit the Atlas Wellness Centre as I was experiencing a lot of pain. Since doing so I feel less stress and my pain has reduced. The movement in my hand has improved, which I didn't expect to improve. Overall I'm feeling a lot better and I can move without pain.” Anthony J. 76.


“I found your number in the local paper. The best call I made. The benefits I have made over the last 6 months are fantastic, no more back pain, neck, shoulder, arms, legs, muscles, or pins and needles.

I feel 15 years younger. The centre opened my eyes, the examination found my head position 71.2mm forward and a loss of 81.5% normal neck curve. After approximately 6 months of procedures and a few simple exercises my life has changed for the better. My advice to anyone with body problems is ring now it’s never too late.” Tony C. 76.

For additional client stories, click here now.

You can also see video testimonials at the end of this page.

It’s Time for YOU To End Your Pain and Suffering… and Save £196…

Ready to get back to your normal life? Take these steps now.

STEP 1. Phone us at 01234 340317 or contact us here.

STEP 2. Set up your initial consultation – on your schedule.

STEP 3. For a limited time, your initial consultation is just £49 normally £245… that’s a saving of £196 (Quote this code: WEB49SM1).

STEP 4. Come to see us and get on the road to relief from your pain.

During the initial consultation, you receive:

  • A Detailed Computerised Structural Analysis
  • Electromyographs
  • Thermographs
  • Digital X-Rays (only if clinically necessary)

By visiting Atlas Wellness Centre you gain access to the most advanced medical technology of its kind in the United Kingdom.

You Have an Extremely Important Decision To Make

If you’re suffering from pain – and you simply want to get your life back, you have a simple decision to make. You can “hope it goes away”… (it won’t)…


*You can come see us for the initial consultation and get on the road to a pain-free life – where you’re able to enjoy all your normal activities.

I know you’ll make the right decision…

*Relief from your physical pain and suffering starts with the initial consultation. To book yours, phone 01234 340317 or contact us here. For a limited number of early callers, your initial consultation is just £49 normally £245… that’s a savings of £196 (Quote this code: WEB49SM1).


Atlas Wellness Centre | Bedford |  01234 340317

Bedford chiropractic and wellness experts

We serve people from Bedford, Cambridge, Luton, Milton Keynes Northampton, also Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire

Atlas Wellness Centre
129 Midland Road
MK40 1DN

01234 340 317  Email

Atlas Wellness Centre is the trading name of Atlas Wellness Ltd | Registered in England No: 7888686 |129 Midland Road | Bedford | MK40 1DN |

Office Hours

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*" ... it's just amazing!"

Malcolm & Pat Pete

Atlas Wellness Centre (Atlas): Can you tell me your names, please?

Malcolm: Yes, Malcolm James Pete.

Pat: Pat Pete.

Atlas: And what made you want to come and see us in the first place.

Malcolm: Well, I’ve been suffering with severe pain in lower back and legs for two, three years really. I had several hip operations which supposedly were designed to cure the problem. But they had absolutely no effect and I would say in desperation, I saw your advertisement in the local paper. It sounded very good. So I thought, “Let’s give this a try.”

Atlas: And how would you say that having the health problems affected your life before you came in?

Malcolm: It stopped me doing most things that I enjoy doing. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t go for walks. I couldn’t garden. Found it extremely difficult to do any jobs around the house and was virtually confined to a wheelchair.

Atlas: And how would you say things have changed since you started having the care here?

Malcolm: Since I’ve had the care, I’ve lost 95 percent of all the pain that I was suffering with. I rarely use the wheelchair now unless in fact I’m – got a lot of walking to do and I can rely on a walking frame and now I can get about comfortably with a walking frame. My only problem now is that it has been so long since I’ve walked that I’ve got to build up my stamina and balance before I can really try to walk without any support at all.

Atlas: And Pat, would you say you noticed changes with Malcolm?

Pat: Definitely. He’s not taking any painkillers now. He was on quite a lot of painkillers. Within about three weeks to a month, he had dispensed with all the painkillers. It’s so good for both of us. He’s much more independent. I don’t have to push him around in a wheelchair, so it has made a lot of difference to my life too. Yeah, it’s just amazing!

Atlas: Excellent. What would you say to someone who’s maybe a bit worried, a bit – about coming here for the first time?

Malcolm: I would tell them to come along without any concerns at all. I found the people – all of the people I’ve come in contact with to be very helpful. They explain what’s going to happen and there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. But the benefits can be immense.

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